Zumba with Melissa Carlo-Gonzales

Zumba classes with Melissa are not currently running.  Please join our mailing list to get notice of new sessions!

Born and raised in New York City, Melissa fell in love with music and dance when her mother first enrolled her in ballet at the age of six. She has been dancing every chance she gets, since. Throughout her undergraduate years, she enrolled in jazz classes and began to partake in dance fitness regularly. After the birth of her twin sons in 2009, Melissa decided to get back into working out and decided to take a Zumba class. After many years as a student, Melissa became a licensed Zumba instructor in 2016 and is Pro-Skills trained. Mixing low and high-intensity moves, which focus on cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, Melissa’s Zumba classes are fun, energetic, and filled with awesome music.

Melissa’s easy going personality yet engaging approach helps participants gain confidence, release stress and feel amazing. More information and pricing can be found athttp://mcarlogonzalez.zumba.com/  or email zumbawithmcg@gmail.com


Beginners “Fast Track” 8 Week Dance Classes

anna_gInstructor: Anna G.

Adults Classes: Start Sunday August 23rd: 5-6pm
Kids Classes: Ages 8-16: Start Tuesday, August 25th: 4-5pm

Location: Vitti’s Dance Studio: 10 Precision Rd. Danbury, CT

Register NOW: Space is Limited:
– OR Call: 203-837-7330
– OR Email: anna@learndanceeasily.com


Anna found a passion for music and dance as an outlet for her creativity and high energy at the age of ten, and was competing by the age of twelve at the adult level.
Her competitions included the Northeastern Open, NJ DanceSport Classic, New England Fall Challenge, Manhattan Classic, UConn Ballroom Husky Classic and the Yale Ballroom Dance Competition and she placed First, Second or Third at nearly every competition. Anna has also performed at many venues including graduation parties, at nursing homes and at the Danbury Music Center.
While she was in high school, she took adult level dance classes in the theory, practice and teaching of dance.
In 2014, she took the Licentiate Dance Certification Exam and passed it with high honors! Anna’s aspires to help others learn to reap the benefits she has found in dancing.

The feedback from her students show that she not only excels at dancing, but at teaching as well. Her classes are a lot of fun and her students learn quickly because of her clarity and focus.


Belly Dancing

Dolores MatzenDolores Matzen

Widely known and well-respected master teacher, Dolores Matzen, (Riskallah Riyad) has taught the dances of the Middle East for more than 40 years, and is known for her originality and ability to communicate dance to students of any level. She has taught and performed extensively throughout the Eastern U.S, as well as California and Washington state. Riskallah Riyad was recently featured as the cover story in Zaghareet Magazine, an international Middle Eastern dance publication.


Flamenco Duende

Foto BiografiaAuthentic Gypsy Flamenco by Sandra Hernandez.

***No Flamenco classes running at this time*** 


Call: 860-946-9579


Born and raised in Spain, Sandra started her formal Flamenco studies at the age of 9 and learned under the tutelage of several flamenco masters such as “La Maria José” from “Cuadro Flamenco El Amanecer”. But she obtained her true knowledge with internationally known as “La Chamela” (Isabel Ruiz). Sandra performed for 12 years in Spain at Flamenco Festivals, Competitions, Cultural Events and Fairs. She was a dance member of “El Anrenal” (Girona). She began her solo performances soon after throughout Catalonia, Granada & Sevilla. She moved to the USA in the year 2000 and continued performing and instructing in CT and NY. Sandra became a Flamenco Dancer for “Val Ramos Flamenco Assemble” in 2003. With 30 years of experience she is currently Instructing and working on her Dance Company “Flamenco Duende”.