Styles of Dance

At Vitti’s Dance Studio we teach all styles of ballroom dancing at competitive rates for all ages and for all skill levels. These are the same dances that you see the stars and professionals performing on TV.

We Teach:

American Smooth

American Smooth includes Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, and the Viennese Waltz. The dance movements have a Characteristic ‘American’ influence, with flowing movements. The grace and elegance of international standard is incorporated into an open frame where the lead and follow separate from each other, perform underarm turns, and even dance in shadow position. This is the style that you will see most commonly at social dances.

American Rhythm

American Rhythm includes the fun social dances Rumba, Cha-Cha, Mambo, East Coast Swing, and Bolero. They resemble the Latin Dances, but are danced usually at a slower tempo to incorporate Cuban motion in the hips. With a variety of dances in the American Rhythm, you’ll be sure to dance to just about every song on the radio!

International Standard

International Standard includes Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Slow Foxtrot, Tango and Quickstep. In the Standard form of dances, the partners dance in a closed position, where both body contact and coordination of movement are to be maintained. Designed for the couples to stay in a closed frame meaning “never to separate from each other,” the elegance and grace of this dance is captured by the lead and follow becoming one entity dancing across the ballroom floor.

International Latin

International Latin includes Rumba, Samba, Paso Doble, Cha-Cha, and Jive, all of which are upbeat, precise, and primarily danced in place. Followers are spun and dipped while emphasizing rhythms and breaks in the music through fast and staccato footwork, leg kicks, and hip and torso isolation.
West Coast Swing West Coast Swing (WCS) is a partner dance derived from Lindy Hop. It is Characterized by a distinctive elastic look that results from its basic extension-compression technique of partner connection, and is danced primarily in a slotted area on the dance floor. The dance allows for both partners to improvise steps while dancing together.

East Coast Swing

When your parents or grandparents talk about Swing dancing to the music of Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry back in the 50’s, this is the dance they were doing. East Coast Swing (ECS) is a circular, rotating Swing dance that has many wraps, tunnels, and turns. The basic step is: triple step, triple step, rock step.


The Hustle is a catch-all name for several disco dances which were extremely popular in the 1970s. Today it mostly refers to a unique partner dance done in ballrooms and nightclubs. It has some features in common with Swing dance. Modern partner Hustle is sometimes referred to as New York Hustle.


Salsa dancing is a dance style associated with the Salsa style of music now popular worldwide. In addition to the partnered movements of Salsa dancing, dancers may integrate solo breaks known as shines into their routines. These are a way for Salsa dancers to take a breather from an exhausting routine, or to gather themselves if their rhythm is broken.

Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango is about the relationship between a man and a woman, and is danced in an embrace that can vary from very open, in which leader and follower connect at arms length, to very closed, in which the connection is chest-to-chest, or anywhere in between. It is an improvisational dance based on walking, turning, stopping and embellishments. Women and men bring their own styles and embellishments to the dance which contribute significantly to the excitement and unpredictability of the experience.

In addition to these dance styles, we also offer:

Belly Dance

Hawaiian Dancing (Hula)

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